It isn't unwelcome, that starry night, no matter how long it lasts. We thrive where others writhe. If anything, it has only helped us grow. The day the moon rose, this kingdom knew that it was for the last time. Static in the sky, leaving tides wicked and oceans treacherous. The princess of the day had fallen, and a usurper in sibling form took her place.

*a fanged grin spreads out over her face, the moonlight glinting across their edges as she stares out over the sandy badlands*

Soon, it will be my turn.

*her mother's words come back to her; ones she'd been told for years before and would hear for years to come*

"The Equestrian thone is not ours today. It will not be ours tomorrow. In my passing, it may not yet be ours."

*Chrysalis mouths the words*

"But it WILL be ours."

*she says the final words with a wider grin and narrowed eyes, stomping her hoof; a gesture her mother made at the end of this common speech*

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