To keep things peachy, these guidelines have been created. Any deviation from these guidelines WILL be noticed by the Mod, and corrective action will be taken.

1.This RP is rated at PG-13/higher, meaning that we will be accepting only MATURE players. Some of the scenes you may see are rated R material, however, there will be no outright sex on the TL (keep it to the DMs.). Implied scenes, along with innuendos, are okay. It's also a plus if you have a strong handle on the English language.

2. Save the drama for OOC, or keep it to yourself. We are all reasonable equines here, are we not?

3. If you want to join, you must speak with a Mod (currently, the only mod is Nightmare Moon) before making an account. You must also have an invite from a current player in the group. This is not to be exclusive, but simply to make sure that you have a handle on what sort of RP this is, keep track of players, and help players create group friendly twitter handles.  

4. This RP follows MLP:FiM canon. That means if a pony can't do it in the show, don't do it here. No weird powers, no artifacts that can destroy time and space, and no doomsday devices. There is a limit on technology, based on canon. Again, if it's not seen in the show, it won't be seen here. Anything that doesn't make sense will be ignored by most players in the group.

5. Crossovers are iffy. You can talk to a Mod if you want to try and bring one in, but most likely the general answer will be no.

6 .Don't automatically assume your character will get to be the hero. If you come in as an OC, or even a show character, we encourage you to develop your own story as a background pony.

7. Keep OOC to a minimum. Stick to DM's or use an OOC account for questions on the scene or other things. In general, OOC brackets ((Example)) should only be used for AFK notices.

8. RESPECT YOUR FELLOW PLAYERS. This cannot be expressed enough. If you have a problem with another player, keep it out of the feed. The Mods will be swift to use corrective action against those disrespecting other players in the TL and on the skype chat. THIS ALSO INCLUDES PASSIVE AGGRESSIVENESS. /Do not/ complain about how players aren’t online on a constant basis.  You don’t need someone else to have a great roleplay arc. 

9. Relax and enjoy the scene. It's just an RP. 

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